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Multimedia performance

Collaboration with multimedia artist and creative technologist Jaime Lobato (MX) and mentored by audio-visual researcher Nuno Correia (PT) in the context of the STARTS.EE residency.

           Inês Nêves and Jaime Lobato presented the performance “ON THE SAME BEAT” in the context of of the science + technology + arts residency STARTS.EE, organized by the HCI group at Tallinn University, in collaboration with STARTS.EU and eˉlektron. The audiovisual performance was activated by electrocardiography. Through an electronic interface, the audience was able to witness the secret world of the bodily functions from a poetic point of view. 

Sitting on a chair across the room from eachother, this performance by Inês and Jaime was based on an attempt to sychronize their heartbeats. The video, light, and musical compositions were thus driven by the rythm of their hearts, acquiring new variations every time they matched on the same beat. Placed at the center of the stage in-between the performers, the audience was brought to the middle of the empathic process that concerns the act of attempting to understand the other.