Inês Nêves, a body that moves and leaves traces behind.

                 I am a multidisciplinary artist based between Portugal and Estonia. In my work, I cross different disciplines in an attempt to reach a more holistic interpretation of human expression by accessing the different dimensions of the perceiving and acting self. Exploring simultaneously the body’s affective and effective relation with matter, my work tends to comprise two layers: a performative moment of primitive impulses delving into the human’s psyche and animal nature; and the marks this moving body leaves behind, thus exercised as a cartography of the self. Through this process, I seek to approximate maker and viewer by exploring visceral emotions that are common to all living beings.

Thus far, I have exhibited and performed in Portugal, Sweden, and Estonia, and participated in multiple art residencies, art talks, international conferences, and publications. Continuously seeking to promote cross-disciplinary, horizontal, free, and experimental collective practices, I have co-created and co-organised several international collectives and spaces. Since 2019, I have integrated projects such as Vent Space Project, mais uno +1, Mart’s Garage Open Artist Residence, Portal Ecosystem, and Artists Anonymous.

(+351) 919464280