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Performance and installation
wood, potatoes, dirt,
electric circuit, light bulb

“I'm not sure I am free.
Theoretically, I'd say I am.
Comparing my circumstance,
I know I have the privilege
To say that I live in liberty.

Still, at the least poised minutes of my day,
I feel I have less freedom than I ought.

I'm a captive to how it's said I should move on the roads.
I'm a slave to a material world where nothing matters more than my credit score.
I'm a pupil of the obsession to rise this dog-eat-dog world.
I'm sculpted by the eyes that vomit an impression.

I'm confined by the frivolous frailty of being small and being a woman.
I'm burned by the acidic tongue of those who don't want me.
I'm surrendered to the pharmacy that keeps me feeling well.
I'm scarce in work that only comes and goes.

I'm extorted by a system that only takes and doesn't give.
I'm the mind, hands, and soul of what you feel yet do not pay.
I'm the fuel for the engine of a car I can't control.
I'm extinguished by the lack of near-meager salaries.

Am I free? Don't tell me I am free.
And if you dare saying so, then at least let me be.

Today, I'll exercise my false - or vague - freedom.
Today, I'll exercise it in the heterotopia of this gallery’s four walls.
Today, I'll exercise my freedom by not speaking about freedom.
I'll be free by talking simply and purely about potatoes.”

(text spoken in the performance)

          This piece presents itself as a manifesto of self-empowerment and collectivism. Historically, the potato has been recurrently presented as a symbol of the "common individual", or the working class.

In a performance presented on the opening day, I symbolically assume myself to be a potato as well. Emerging from the ground, I connect the potatoes around me, converting them into a battery that powers a light bulb, illuminating the room. However, the chemical reaction responsible for generating energy results in the depletion of the potatoes' nutrients.

In a symbolic act of liberation, in the performance I loudly profess my freedom, disconnect the potatoes from the system that enslaves them, and return them to the soil so that they can grow back into plants.


Jonathan  Esmeralda     



LDC Porto