Transdisciplinary artist based in Portugal. In my work I investigate multidisciplinary practice through an auto-ethnographic process, basing my research on a phenomenological, anthropological and ecofeminist interpretation of the relationship between body, space and matter. Phenomenological, as through performance and text-art, I research the affective experience of space. Anthropological, for I analyze the social and cultural dynamics between humans and the space they inhabit. Ecofeminist, because I explore the act of marking as a tool to reflect on the effect and responsibility we have on the environments around us, and simultaneously as an act of self-empowerment over the structures which dictate and limit our agency over it.

While exploring the body's affective and effective relationship with the world, my process is structured in three phases. The first phase focuses on the construction of poetic narratives and material metaphors. The second is dedicated to a performative moment that glimpses the human psyche. The third phase considers the marks left by this body in motion, thus exercised as a cartography of the self. Through this process, I seek to bring closer the maker and the spectator  by addressing visceral emotions, and intimate and collective narratives.  


In paralell to my artistic practice, I have been developing collective projects as a curator and cultural programmer with the aim to create alternative dynamics for the contemporary cultural landscape. With this in mind, I have focused on creating inclusive, free, horizontal, transdisciplinary, and common spaces and encounters. As an intependent researcher, I have explored the dynamics and methodologies of multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary collaboration.

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