Multidisciplinary artist based between Portugal and Estonia. Stemming from collaborative processes, my work recurs to different disciplines to reach a more holistic and multi-sensorial interpretation of human expression, seeking to access different dimensions of the acting and perceiving self. I investigate performance and plastic arts through an auto-ethnographic process, basing my findings on an anthropological and phenomenological interpretation of body, space, and matter.

Exploring simultaneously the body’s affective and effective relation with matter, my work tends to comprise two layers: firstly, a performative moment of primitive impulses delving into the human’s psyche; and secondly, the marks this moving body leaves behind, thus exercised as a cartography of the self. Through this process, I seek to approximate maker and viewer by exploring visceral emotions and narratives that can be both individual and collective.  


In paralell to my artistic practice, I have been developing collective projects as a curator and cultural programmer with the aim to create alternative dynamics for the contemporary cultural landscape. With this in mind, I have focused on creating inclusive, free, horizontal, transdisciplinary, and common spaces and encounters. As an intependent researcher, I have explored the dynamics and methodologies of multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary collaboration.

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