07/2021 — current

Multidisciplinary performance project
In collaboration with sound artist Stefano Matozzi

           Creative processes arise from the metabolization of an esthetic experience through perception. Each individual’s perception of such experience becomes influenced by memories, associations, bodily qualities, and knowledge. We can only truly know things “through a process of self-discovery”,1 so in order to understand something we must attempt to enter its realm as well as delve into our personal one. Therefore, “perception” can be approached through the concept of “reconstitution” or a deconstruction of reality into thought, and thought into reality. To create, we must not only grasp the physicality of the materials we are dealing with, but also our intrinsic immateriality by transferring a part of it towards the visible, audible, or tangible.

In translation is a process-based exploration between two individuals (or creatives) and different media such as sound, movement, and drawing. Creative exchange is seen as a system of communication that arises from the metabolization of a shared aesthetic experience, it entails expressing what cannot be materialized in another form: translating perceptions, interpretations, and impulses into a physical manipulation of matter through gestures and traces. Made of a cycle of impulses and perceptions, the collective reconstituted body is explored as a machine of sorts that transforms realities. Bringing visual arts, performance, and sound towards a common space, each gesture influences the other by creating a database of narratives. We de-compose and re-assemble matter — we uncover alter-realities in translation — ultimately questioning the nature of human perception, the objective world, and technology.

1 Tim Ingold, Making: Anthropology, Archaeology, Art and Architecture (Abingdon: Routledge, 2013), 1.